Language Week in Saalbach Hinterglemm - 4ABCDE

Dear readers!

In this blog post, I am going to describe the language week to you. So, let's start!



On Monday, the 18th of September, at half past 7am; I arrived at our meeting point. There were a lot of people, not only from our school/ class. I think I speak for everyone that came, when I say that you could feel the excitement. After some chit-chat, my classmates and I spotted our teacher Miss Feichtner and followed her to our bus. The friendly busdriver loaded our suitcases into the luggage compartment, while we stormed inside, to reserve the best places. Personally, I dislike traveling by bus, because I get sick very easily, but the drive went pretty well. My best friend and I sat in the front row, exactly next to the teachers, Miss Feichtner and Miss Weber, which was quite interesting because we got to hear some secrets - well not really secrets, but you pick up a lot of interesting things, just by listening. (I wish it were so easy in some lessons.)

After an almost four-hour drive, we finally arrived at our youth hostel in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Every single one of us was really tired and some of us, me for example, forgot we still had to do four lessons with our native speakers. That day the lessons weren’t that enjoyable. We didn't do much and the time didn't pass at all. I guess, we were just really tired. In the evening, after dinner, we had an evening programme. The quiz-show was pretty entertaining, I’d say. That was our first day.



The next morning, we had breakfast and afterwards we went to class. It was much better than the day before. We played some games, learned some British slang and had fun. All in all, I found it pretty interesting to learn from native speakers. The four hours passed quickly and after lunch we went hiking! Thankfully we didn’t have to walk up to the top, we took a gondola. The view from up there was amazing. We passed a lake and a playground and then we stopped at a hiking hut. We talked, laughed, and were chased by a student with a spider. After that we took the gondola to go downhill and walked back to our hostel. Finally, after all of this we had some free time before dinner - not much, but enough. That day we made our own movies at the evening programme. It was cool, but our movie was trash (sadly). After the programme we went to sleep. We had a lot of fun that day, so it passed by in a flash.



After breakfast it was time for our lessons again. That day we drew what Will, our native speaker/ teacher, told us to. We didn’t get to see his drawing until the very end. We learned some new vocabulary while drawing our masterpieces. At the end he chose his favourites. The lessons with him were really fun. Every day we had two different teachers, apart from Monday and Thursday where we had only one native speaker. After Will we got to meet Connor that day. He was also very likable! In his lessons we learned about the movie "THE GREAT GATSBY “, which was REALLY cool. Who would have thought that his girlfriend would cheat on him, while he was in the military?! Sadly, we didn’t get to watch the movie, because we didn't have enough time.

After lunch we took the bus to go to Zell am See, where we spent the whole afternoon. It was really pretty. You could see the lake from some places too. There were many cafes and shops but sadly I couldn’t find any fries. Not a single place sold fries!! But after some time, my friends and I finally found something delicious to eat and a little later it was time to go back home. It took us an hour to get to our hostel. In the evening IT WAS MOVIE NIGHT!! We watched every single movie that had been made the day before. There were many well-made and funny movies and some that were funny but a bit disturbing too. But all in all, I laughed at every single one of them. The time passed fast and we had to go to our rooms. I realized that the following day would be our last day at the resort.



Although the week was a lot of fun, you could tell that some people slowly wanted to go home again. It was the final day of our language week and when I say it was fun, that’s a huge understatement! That day was incredible. After breakfast we had our lessons in which we had to invent something and then try to sell it. That was the best exercise if you ask me. Our last lessons with the native speakers passed in a flash. Lunch was fine and then we went mini- golfing. For the first hour we played and then we moved to the playground which was exactly next to the place. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

We stayed there for about two hours and then we went back. After dinner there was a disco night and we got our diploma for finishing the language week. We were all quite exhausted after dancing and slept really well that night.



The next day was stressful. We quickly ate breakfast and loaded our stuff onto the bus. We got on the bus and drove home. After a 4-hour drive, we finally arrived at our destination. I admit I was really tired and happy to be back home, but I would totally do it again any time. And that was it. In my opinion the next 4th graders should go to Saalbach too, because it is totally worth it.