‘Philosophy? What? In English? What?’ Astonishment, curiosity, inquiry, these are basic philosophical skills vital in order to achieve knowledge. Philosophy is the ‘love of wisdom’. This school year, 8a class decided to master their quest getting a little more challenge and additional training. They mainly held the classes in English.

Pantomime, Shakespeare’s plays, sci-fi scenes, warm-up activities, acting in films and on stage, pronunciation training, impro scenes and other tricks, all of these and many more keep us going when meeting every Tuesday afternoon for our English drama class.

During their English classes, 6A worked on the topic ‘Making a Difference’ discussing social aspects, volunteering, and supporting the needy. Previously, they had been dealing with the big environmental issue.

Am 9. Mai 2018 haben die Tabe-SchülerInnen gemeinsam mit Prof. Markovsky und Prof. Hatzmann das Tabebeet neu bepflanzt.

Im Rahmen des Geschichtsunterrichts besuchte uns am 3. Mai 2018 die Zeitzeugin Anna Hackl. Sie erzählte von der grausamen „Mühlviertler Hasenjagd“ und der Entscheidung ihrer Familie, zwei sowjetische Männer bei sich aufzunehmen und bis zum Kriegsende zu verstecken.